Pooh Akuma no Kuma (tentative name)
¥ Yen (tax included)

Application period: 2023, month, day, hour, minute - 2023, month, day, hour, minute

This is the ●● lottery sales application page.
A strict lottery will be held from among those who have applied from 
the form below within the period, and only those who are elected can purchase it. *We cannot ship overseas. You can apply only from within Japan. Please read the following notes carefully before applying. When you apply, we will judge that you have understood and
accepted the following notes. 【Notes】 We cannot accept any cancellation due to customer's convenience after application,
including terminal misoperation and unauthorized use. Please check the product name and price carefully before applying.
Please apply only once per person.
Please apply with your own information regarding application information, 
shipping address information, payment method, and all other items. If we judge that your application is inappropriate, we may cancel it. We will not be able to explain the reason for the cancellation even if you contact us. If we are unable to contact you by e-mail due to an error in
the customer information at the time of application,
the winning right will be invalid. Please enter your name, address, contact information,
and email address correctly. Also, if we are unable to contact you due to communication problems,
we will not be able to guarantee it. note that. If you have set up filtering for spam, etc., please check your spam folder. Also,
please make settings so that you can receive the following domains.
The results of the lottery will be sent to the winners by email by (month) (●).
Please make the payment within the deadline stated in that email.
You can use credit, ApplePay, and GooglePay as payment methods.

Even if the payment procedure cannot be completed after 
winning due to the examination of payment information on the site,
the winning right will be invalid. We plan to ship the product in the month of the month, but there is a
possibility that the shipment may be delayed due to various circumstances. Even in that case, we cannot accept cancellations. Please note.
We cannot accept requests for specifying the date and time of shipment, 
changing the shipping address after ordering, or stopping at the sales office. Please be sure to register an address where you can receive the package. In addition, we will not be able to deal with
any trouble caused by a request to change the shipping address to the delivery company. If the item is returned without being received,
it may be disposed of after being stored for a certain period of time. note that. Contact *Even if you inquire about the lottery results, we cannot answer. note that.